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  1. Diamond_girl


    Don't forget Neil Rackers, Mr. 20-for-20!!
  2. In what league? LT got shut dooooooooown... oh my damn.
  3. Wow... I'm just checking the scores, and I'm kicking ass. But lemme not start getting cocky and stuff, before the tables start to turn... First place is a great place to be though!
  4. I really enjoyed that commercial. It gave me warm fuzzies. Got me thinking about buying some Saints gear. They did say ONE HUNDRED percent of the profit would go towards hurricane relief efforts, right?
  5. I wonder if it's safe for me to say that I'm pretty sure I have this week's game against theskins pretty well wrapped up. They only have their kicker left to play. I have four players left - a qb (Kerry Collins), a wr (Joe Horn), and then Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey. And I'm up right now by a score of 53-38.
  6. Thank God I didn't start Brees this week.
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