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    Don't forget Neil Rackers, Mr. 20-for-20!!
  2. In what league? LT got shut dooooooooown... oh my damn.
  3. Wow... I'm just checking the scores, and I'm kicking ass. But lemme not start getting cocky and stuff, before the tables start to turn... First place is a great place to be though!
  4. I really enjoyed that commercial. It gave me warm fuzzies. Got me thinking about buying some Saints gear. They did say ONE HUNDRED percent of the profit would go towards hurricane relief efforts, right?
  5. I wonder if it's safe for me to say that I'm pretty sure I have this week's game against theskins pretty well wrapped up. They only have their kicker left to play. I have four players left - a qb (Kerry Collins), a wr (Joe Horn), and then Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey. And I'm up right now by a score of 53-38.
  6. Thank God I didn't start Brees this week.
  7. I'm supposed to be in bed, but I'm sitting here looking at this game like . I need the Iggles offense to do well but I need the defense to suck. This way TO can get me my points and Bad Boyz won't gain anymore points for the defense. Another field goal from Akers won't hurt me any, either. And Donovan is my QB in another league. This sucks.
  8. Everything that Sarah Jane just said, and there are some babies who can only drink soy-based products. Baby wipes. Children's Tylenol, the liquid kind - a lot of the little ones are probably sick/feverish. We're sending baby clothes on Tuesday. I'm SO mad because I was collecting stuff and didn't get to UPS before it closed on Saturday.
  9. If I was a leader of a country and was going to donate a few million or even a hundred million, I would wait a while and then contact the housing authority of every city who took in evacuees and ask for their names and addresses; then I would pay up their rent for a year and send them a check. I wouldn't trust this US government to do the right thing, and damn sure not the Red Cross.
  10. I'm glad to hear that your family is safe, poison, and sorry for your losses.
  11. On Fox News... there was a man who's a photojournalist from N.O. and Geraldo ran his video. He showed a man named Neil who went into the stores and got a shopping cart and FILLED it up with baby supplies and was handing it out to people. There were people coming and asking for diapers in certain sizes, and he was giving them Pedialyte and formula and baby food and wipes as well. He tried to pile a bunch of diapers in this one woman's arms because she had two babies, but she wouldn't take more than ten. She said what he'd already given her was sufficient because there were a lot of other people who would need them too. But we're such animals. Macy Gray is on now. She's working at the Astrodome.
  12. On Fox News they just said that they're constructing a jail in downtown New Orleans. It's dark out, of course, but the reporter pointed out these bright lights off a little ways in the distance and said that's where they were building the jail so they could make the streets safe.
  13. Jesus. Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera are on Faux News flipping the hell out, cussing and whatnot. Shepard Smith says that there's a checkpoint and now if people try to walk out of the city they are turned back. I might be late with this, but I don't even care.
  14. @ the old man and his daughter talking on CNN. He's trapped in his house on the brink of starvation and waiting for someone to rescue him, and he promised her that he would try his best to hold on until someone shows up.
  15. On CNN they're interviewing people in Alabama who lost absolutely EVERYTHING in the hurricane and they're talking about the situation in New Orleans and how it's untenable that they've been unable to get the people there water and food. The one man was on Bush and Co. for having the National Guard spread out all over the world and now it's taking too long to help the citizens here at home. and for them! because even in the midst of their own tragedy they can still recognize injustice, ineptitude and flat out fuckery for what it is and have no problem speaking out on it. because they have no place to go and lost everything.
  16. Well, looky here: The third organization link on the FEMA Donation Page will take you to an organization called Operation Blessing, which is based in Virginia Beach. Y'all remember who's based in Virginia Beach, right? None other than Pat "The Assassin" Roberts. Whose goverment name is Marion Gordon Robertson, whose wife's name is Dede Robertson and whose son's name is Gordon Robertson. Take a gander at this link, an information sheet on Operation Blessing, and see what you can see on the right hand side of the page, "Basic Information" under Board of Directors. Oh, and isn't it cute how under "Funding" they say, "This organization is seeking funds from contributions. These funds will be used for unrestricted operating expenses, special projects and building improvements"?
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