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  1. ........ZADA...I like the new name
  2. 1015348[/snapback] Thanx....I for all those in that area!
  3. I am trying to finish reading Fourplay by Brenda L. Thomas. Brenda L. Thomas’s Fourplay is a scorcher. If you liked Addicted, you’ll love this! From Black Expressions: It’s been two years since sexy marketing executive Sasha Borianni’s affair with three men came to an abrupt end, and she’s looking forward to good things now as the head of her own PR firm. Of course, old habits are hard to break, and as her client list grows, so does her interest in some of her finer new clients: There’s banking executive Jordan Ashe, a man with ever-surprising tastes; old flame NBA star Phoenix Carter, a
  4. I need a new book to read....I read Million Dollar Divorce....Grade A read!!! Genevieve....boring...took me for ever to read it...I NEED A NEW BOOK PEOPLE :OK!:
  5. :OK!: 956755[/snapback] I talked to Terry today. He's doing okay. He has a bruised neck/spinal cord..but he is expected to make a full recovery
  6. I just learned that the company that I work for is sending oxygen supplies (the ones that don't require electricity) and other products as needed. That make me feel even better about my decision to work here.
  7. Wow...glad to hear Small and the others are doing well. Prays to hear from those not heard from yet ...
  8. I talked to my girl yesterday....she got out safely *remembers to pray for others *
  9. Man, they can't catch a break right now. Pray pray pray pray
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