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  1. just wanted to say hi. hope all is well.

  2. you know i still love you. xoxoxo

  3. i need some music!!!!!!!!! please.

  4. sorry, it has some room now.

  5. happy birthday sweetie. i hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. congrats on the cover. beautiful!!!!

  7. hey there beautiful! i am your first comment. xoxo

  8. OK last year i wanted to but this year i am going to. so add me to the list.
  9. HEY!!!!! Good to see that you are ok! Take care of yourself..... keep us posted
  10. there is also a website www.myfamilycanhelp.org you can register as well as find a place.
  11. Everyone please check with your HR dept for the company match forms that you can fill out. A lot of companies will match most times to 100% of what you contribute. Make sure you check this out on Tuesday or if your compnay has a website look it up!
  12. you may at this point want to get as much as you can. try luvs. Oh and try a wholesale warehouse place. they have GREAT DEALS on FORMULA, WIPES AND DIAPERS. If you do not have a membership tell them what you are doing at the membership desk and they will probably waive the one day pass fee. That would be your best best to stretch your dollars. Tell people to give you cash unless youare all going to go together. You may even find some other stuff that you want to send down there. I know that most sell generators. Sams, Costco, BJ's.
  13. Diapers: Pampers Cruisers (purple package) the other one is good too (aqua package) PEDIALYTE WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!!! THESE KIDS HAVE BEEN DEHYDRATED. no cloth diapers because they are not practical under these circumstances. No where to clean them. Rash med. is good as well as A&D ointment or something like that. The formula is tricky because some kids have allergic reactions. Infamil is good but I would try to get the ready made in the plastic resealable container. If you all are sending water too then you can get the powdered. Get some of the isomil for children w
  14. Do you have a list of things that are needed more? Thanks for the address.
  15. They did but it was at the begining of the chaos. They did not have anywhere to bring the ship to nor a way to get the people to them.
  16. I am watching Dateline and they were showing a mother with her children and then there was this one child who looked like he was not doing well at all. then the man that died in the sun in a chair. I just lost it. I just can't take it. I can't see how there is not anyhelp for these people. What kind of country would allow their own to go through that. I am a mother and I swear I felt horrible when they showed those babies out there like that. It is just horrible just horrible. How HOw is this happening to the so called richest, most powerful country in the world? How the fuck can t
  17. Wonderful, girl tell those people that there are soooo many people praying for them and really want to help.
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