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  1. 150 Hurricane survivors will be housed at Brunswick Hospital in Amityville. If you choose to donate clothing and/or toiletries please send them or drop them off at the office of Leg. Elie Mystal ( 15 Albany Avenue Amityville, NY 11701 c/o Central Long Island NAACP Clothes should be separated and labeled
  2. I know this is not the forum for this, but this could be interpreted in sooo many ways
  3. I dont think I can watch anymore Its emotionaly draining.
  4. I dont understand why when the storm passed, they didnt have a constant fleet of helicopters with supplies at the ready. This should have been in place even if the levees didnt break.
  5. Unfortunately, after days, it may very well be dangerous to just fly and drop supplies. People are desperate right about now, and liable to do anything. And part of me doesnt blame them. No one can really be prepared for this type of situation, but I really think the officials did not think of the absolute worst situation. I think they put to much faith in the levees. I dont care if they were built for a Cat-1000 hurricane, the levees breaking should always be a "what if" scenario because they are not infallible. Also, somebody needs to commandeer (sp) a boat and check out some more r
  6. after awhile, people are looting cuz there aint shit else to do.
  7. I tried to look for the post, but someone said they tried not to laugh or almost laughed becaused the guy was so dramatic, etc. But I dont think anyone said, "Haha, dude's wife is dead, thats some funny shit". At least I hope not.
  8. I wont make it thru the day if I keep hearing that story. The fact that He said she told him she loved him(?) and take care of the kids makes it all the more ominous and sad. It's like she knew once she let go, it was all over.
  9. Thank goodness for that and Lala's grandma. I hope Exp got in touch with her family.
  10. I believe they were going to ride out the storm. Sara Jane posted that Smallfranc is in the Gentilly area. I do know that a lot of people have been rescued from roofs in that area. 960348[/snapback] oh no!!!! Why?!!! I thought she evacuated!
  11. People with AK47s shooting up the police precint!!!!!!!
  12. After a while, I can even understand the looting of supposedly unnecessarry stuff. The clothes and sneakers? People probably dont have clothes anymore, even the looters. The alcohol? Shoooot, this might be a good time to get drunk, maybe get some decent sleep. I Feel bad for anyone who just shook their vices. U know they gonna start back drinking and drugging after all this. people will truly be in despair.
  13. I finally saw the clip of the man with the lost wife
  14. Aaron Neville was on CNN the other day. He said he got all his family out and met them in memphis. He also said he doesnt play with mother nature and has evacuated his family for every major storm.
  15. big ass lake + big ass river + raging storm full of wind and rain torrents + city under sea level = devastation water just fills the bowl a sits there until it can be pumped out
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