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  1. Try a government contractor, then apply to the agency the contractor interfaces with.
  2. Hey Lady..What is going on? Glad to see you are back with us, even if its just for a few!

  3. Heya Sondranita!!!!!!!!!! I'm here...not sure for how long though, work has been kicking my ASS

  4. You are my baby's Pappy!!!! Quit trying to run from yo RIS.PON.SABIL.LITIES!!!!

  5. Whatchu want??? Eager to get your ass spanked in Spades, huh *cheese*

  6. Heyyyyyy Greenie. I haven't tried it but I bet I can cook it. You trust me? :ninja:

  7. Yaz you ever tried Aligator Gumpo? *cheese*

  8. Foxii is the whorebag & a heffa!

  9. a whore bag is Sondranita :D

  10. Let's change your name to QuietGyrl69

  11. What's a WhoreBag? *unsure*

  12. Hey Chica, here's lookin' at you kid :)

  13. SO, but I can beat you...So that means you really suck..LOL

  14. *You suck at SPADES*

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