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  1. *ahem* belated merrybirthdayhappychristmas!

  2. Mmmmm hmmmmm - i didn't get a life, just a boyfriennd, but he doesnt have a life like me - so we're perfect for each other! LOL - ummm what ever happend to Mr. Man - better yet, I'll save that question for PM. I do notice how you made that all one word - not really loving that idea. *glares in your direction* - Anywho - I must say your fonts have me tickled pink lately (thats a p

  3. winterbabeeeeeeee....where have you been???? we're not supposed to start having lives until january 2, 2008 remember? anyhoo, what do you want for your birthdaychristmas? you notice that was one word right *filing nails*

  4. Hey Miss Lady! Move to Nigeria? Uhhh yeah - seems like I'm going to have to travel there myself to get some movies. Sooo.....whats new at Target? LOL!

  5. did you move to Nigeria?

  6. http://store.flipfloptrunkshow.com/badaflgr14.html

    You can thank me later! No really - have you ever been to that site - I think I'm in love!

  7. I need to find some green and white flip flops to wear to the parade!

  8. Hi dollface! Just felt like leaving a note!

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