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  1. Mmmmm hmmmmm - i didn't get a life, just a boyfriennd, but he doesnt have a life like me - so we're perfect for each other! LOL - ummm what ever happend to Mr. Man - better yet, I'll save that question for PM. I do notice how you made that all one word - not really loving that idea. *glares in your direction* - Anywho - I must say your fonts have me tickled pink lately (thats a p

  2. Hey Miss Lady! Move to Nigeria? Uhhh yeah - seems like I'm going to have to travel there myself to get some movies. Sooo.....whats new at Target? LOL!

  3. http://store.flipfloptrunkshow.com/badaflgr14.html

    You can thank me later! No really - have you ever been to that site - I think I'm in love!

  4. Hi dollface! Just felt like leaving a note!

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