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  1. Thanks you guys! Who knew diapers were so expensive!? Mother's I assume but damn, I didnt know they cost so much. Thank you so much for your input!
  2. What are the best kinds of diapers to buy? What is the best type of formula and baby food? I'm getting the kids around campus to donate things for the children and someone asked me whats the difference between "this" and "this" and i really didnt know what to tell them. Is there a kind of diaper that can be worn longer? Should we be sending diaper rash medication, pedialyte, or reusable cloth diapers? Any information that you can provide would be helpful, thank you.
  3. If a regular person like me was to pack up a truck filled with goods and pass them out myself would that be allowed? or is the whole area blocked off? I dont mean driving into the flooded places but I know there people walking along the highways still
  4. Its better than nothing. Lets not question how much money people could be giving but be thankful that they are giving. 964032[/snapback] I know Crim, I'm trying not to be negative but somethings just make my stomach hurt. To see so many people crying and suffering with no answers and what appears to be no hope... it's hard to know that someone else is sitting on all this money that they will never in their life use up and giving only 'a little bit'. But I apologize for bringing the negativity to this thread and I wont say anything else
  5. Good for whoever is contributing and any amount helps but $1 million from the NFL when there are multi million dollar contracts out there...
  6. The news is funny that way. In a time when PEOPLE as a whole are suffering they still find a way to discriminate. Just look at the pictures on Yahoo if you can stomach it. THey have a picture of a white couple walking through the water with soda and bread and they have another picture of a black man with food in hand. here are the two captions to the pictures: "Two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after Hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans, Louisiana." "A young man walks through chest deep flood wat
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