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  1. Clear your inbox! Did you see the Solange link I posted in that Random Thoughts thread?

  2. Well the thread was dead now and I decided to clean out my photobucket lol

  3. blu

    Ben's just eye candy, that's why I'on mind him sticking around lol even though he really should've been gone awhile ago. He still seems too prison guard and serious. That's what makes him kinda sessy though. He could get it. *ninja* I like Ronnie but like they said, he looks too boy next door-ish, like he'd be good for gap or abercrombi ads.

  4. blu

    I don't even think Jackie should've been in the bottom that week. Ben's hot, that's probably why he gets votes. Atleast Holly is still there. she's the baddest now that Jackie is gone. Casey needs to go next.

  5. blu

    I hate bad girl. I fucks with Pretty Boy, Damaged, 2 Of U and some other songs I can't remember. Another smash? Shit she aint had one since 2001 lol I just have to watch Ep. 9 today. I was piiissed when Jackie left. Damn America. They probably just votin for cute guys.

  6. blu

    lol Donkity Kane's album is just ok. I'on love it and Janet already lost the # 1 spot, she #3 with 71% sales decrease *ouch* I can only image what the numbers will be next week.

  7. lol I will make sure to do that!

  8. blu

    yeah #1 by default. Whoop de doo!

  9. blu

    Yep. It fits nicely in the trash bin. :)

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