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  1. quietstorm77

    Anyone read.....

    I read both of them and they were both ok........Genevieve its the better book out of the two.
  2. quietstorm77


    My prayers are with you all and hope that everyone is safe and well taken care of.
  3. quietstorm77

    Book for the Summer

    I am almost finished reading Red Light Wives
  4. quietstorm77

    Smallfranc and Ms. Magnolia all please RSVP!!!

    Thank You Jesus
  5. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    Where do you live? 966705[/snapback] Jackson, MS. I was on empty yesterday. That's why I waited in line damn near four hours yesterday to even get gas. Now I have no gas. Man, if I find out who did it , somebody's gonna get their ass beat until the white meat shows! 966711[/snapback] Sorry to hear about that 967532[/snapback] The wait for gas is ridiculous because my boyfirend had to wait 3 hours to fill up his truck. They keep reporting on our local news that when we run out of gas we might not be able to get anymore for 2 weeks. My car is parked and I am only going out for important things that I need. They have cancelled school untill further notice so i am just chilling at home.
  6. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    I was just watching my local news in Mississippi and they reported that the people of Illinois are sending truckload of supplies to our area. They expect the trucks to reach Mississippi in about 16 hours.
  7. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: the racial tention is so high right now, I am so aggravated the way most of the white people are walking around like hey how ya doing?dee da like they dont have a care in the world 966593[/snapback] :OK!: :OK!:
  8. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    :OK!: :OK!:
  9. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    :OK!: :OK!: 964443[/snapback] How is your baby? I hope everything that happend didn't scare her too bad. 964450[/snapback] She is fine now that we have some electricity because when the power was off it was almost 100 degrees outside and she was miserable.
  10. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    Who, about what, DETAILS 963843[/snapback] The governor of mississippi and the anchorman (I can't think of his name) 963960[/snapback] Hayley Barbour is the govenor. I'm from Mississippi and his fat ass is as crooked as they come. That reporter is right. This state didn't bit more prepare for this storm than nothing. From what I've seen, Hayley's just had his wide butt on the damn tv saying a whole of nothing. People here are still without power, gas and telephones. Water is about to be cut off. I tell, the state of MS really screwed itself putting this fat fuck in office because he ain't doing shit! 964175[/snapback] I live in Mississippi and alot of areas still are without power and the water is contaminated and we are on a boil water notice. All schools are closed untill futher notice and getting gas is ridiculous. I started watching the weather on sunday and when we were told not to report to work on monday and not to be on the highways after 12 I went and purchased alot of supplies. The price gouging is pitiful I had to pay almost 3 dollars for bread.
  11. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    :OK!: :OK!:
  12. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    Lord I have a new found respect for electricity. It feels so good to have power in the house my air has been running non stop.
  13. quietstorm77

    Smallfranc and Ms. Magnolia all please RSVP!!!

    :OK!: He may be without power and some people won't be getting any power until sometime next week.
  14. quietstorm77

    Hurricaine Recovery

    It's good to see folks checking in! What part of MS are you in? I have an uncle in Jackson, MS, but he was in Memphis during the storm. 962858[/snapback] I live in Hattiesburg Mississippi