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  1. Oh damn, i just cleared out my pm box, my bad.

  2. Are you ever going to clear out that inbox?

  3. Thanks! I read ur other thread, and Im going to try this. I do need extra cash fo da holidays
  4. Likes Bjork, must be cool!

  5. WOW! i have no words. They have not dropped anyfood water, or any relief people are dying! the government is lying dont you all see. Theyw ant them people to die. Im sorry fuck it, ifit were beverly hills you better believe it be helicopters everywhere for every residence! you mean to tell me some one was shooting at the helicopters? yeah right. Bush is a liar didnt you know. This is exactly whate they want. this is racist there is no way aroud it.
  6. i am so disturbed, im really upset becuase id ont know where my friend is she lives in plaquemines parish, i dont know if she is okay. I had already planned to go to baton rouge for labor day weekend, but gas is so high, and my mom lives in baton rouge and she said not to come down there in baton rouge, it is overcorwed and people are sleeping in the cars under interstae overpasses and at gas stations all over the city
  7. its gone be hard for me to go to sleep i been watching this shit through course of the day and im very nervous for the people and the city. when i get up to go to school ill guess we'll have some sort of initial hit, and update
  8. no it aint just you! I mean 98% of em was black
  9. Damn that's end of the world kinda ish. Are we talking Tsunami in terms of numbers 951344[/snapback] The guy on cnn from jefferson parish sd estimates of 44,000 for hurricane george which was a cat 3, so if this one hits.....
  10. the chick on fox news sd the storm is still gaining strength and that max winds could be at 180 mph once the new advisory comes out!
  11. wow, tomorow new orleans may not be there anymore, its going to take months of reconstruction, on one channel earlier they talked about moving the city else where and starting over
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