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  1. QOTW

    Hey girl! Long time no see. *hug*

  2. Feedback Feedback is awful, it flooped like Britney's pussy walls .

  3. where was that picture in your siggy taken? i need city/state and/or country. looks like fun.


  4. you really need to stop playing around and launch that blog!

  5. your baby is BEAUTIFUL! congrats!

  6. you are stooooooopid!!!! LMAO!

  7. LMAO...Done! Now you don't look like Single Nigerian Female.

  8. could you delete some of my comments so it doesn't look like i'm obsessed with you? anyhoo, who is that african in your avi? feedback is my jaaaaam!!

  9. *ahem* belated merrybirthdayhappychristmas!

  10. feedback is HOT! don't hate...

  11. Happy New Year to you!!! *kisses*

  12. QOTW

    I loooooooove B. Scott too!

  13. Happy New Year! How have you been?

  14. Happy New Year!

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