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  1. Yeah I missed ya slut!

  2. My spring break ends this weekend. I wished my started next week.

  3. I was thinking about her last night. I'm still praying for her!
  4. hey baby i'm glad you're ok now don't let it get to your head 966486[/snapback] Hey Vibe and Sasha!
  5. I saw people holding up signs on the news. Some people stuck on the roof, people walking around in that flood water.
  6. :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: to Mikki, OP, and Creolekutie.
  7. Yay, Rodney! So glad you're ok. 964950[/snapback] Thanks Maliya! Hey Mary Kate and Mrs Tina. 964976[/snapback] Hey man! I was so worried, Thank God you're safe... 965607[/snapback]
  8. I am SO GLAD to hear that, Thank GOD You are Safe, I had no idea you all had been found, I thought you all were still missing and I just couldnt come in here. 965237[/snapback] Thanks SH!! It's good to hear the rest of the board members are safe too.. I was praying for people on and off the board.
  9. so you finally decided to show your big head huh? why don't you just admit that you were shacked up with Monica somewhere? Ain't nobody missed you. 965209[/snapback] You missed me too!
  10. Yay, Rodney! So glad you're ok. 964950[/snapback] Thanks Maliya! Hey Mary Kate and Mrs Tina.
  11. I'm here! My power was out for two days. Thanks for the love everybody!! I really apperciate it alot!
  12. because whole lifetimes of homes and memories are about to be lost. they'd rather go down with it. my grandmother has a two floor house and she's still there. 951371[/snapback] Your grandma wont leave either, ladw have mercy the zoo animals ooh lawd 951390[/snapback] I forgot about them..Lawd we gotta pray for BAP....Her family down there without her. 951394[/snapback]
  13. 951381[/snapback] Fuck that. I understand grandma is stubborn but someone needs to move her ass out the way before she gets hurt. I cannot stand when old people want to think they and their prayer group is going to move the hurricane from their house. I hope Granny got her surfboard since she wanna be adventurous. 951385[/snapback]
  14. I will pray for you Mag and everyone else who is dealing with "Katrina".
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