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  1. you really need to stop playing around and launch that blog!

  2. Everything is cool. I'm going to hit you up soon

  3. chrisunknown


    3 & 4 isn't that bad for a person that's been M.I.A. Now that i'm back, watch out
  4. General Harold Cross just said most of the reports about looters taking over trucks are false.He said there have been looters, but not as bad as the media is making it out to be.
  5. WHAT CHANNEL IS OLD gERALDO ON 968729[/snapback] Hanity & Colmes FOX NEWS channel 360
  6. I knew Geraldo was going to be down there sooner or later Geraldo breaking down crying after he picked up a black baby begging for help
  7. I think I heard that. Were they Australian Tourists?
  8. If you want to escape the hurricane coverage. You might as well bookmark page 2 on siyclone:laugh:
  9. Giants/Saints game has been moved to Giants Stadium There's no way the Saints are going to make the playoffs playing all their games on the road
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