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  1. Everything is cool. I'm going to hit you up soon

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    3 & 4 isn't that bad for a person that's been M.I.A. Now that i'm back, watch out
  3. General Harold Cross just said most of the reports about looters taking over trucks are false.He said there have been looters, but not as bad as the media is making it out to be.
  4. WHAT CHANNEL IS OLD gERALDO ON 968729[/snapback] Hanity & Colmes FOX NEWS channel 360
  5. I knew Geraldo was going to be down there sooner or later Geraldo breaking down crying after he picked up a black baby begging for help
  6. I think I heard that. Were they Australian Tourists?
  7. If you want to escape the hurricane coverage. You might as well bookmark page 2 on siyclone:laugh:
  8. Giants/Saints game has been moved to Giants Stadium There's no way the Saints are going to make the playoffs playing all their games on the road
  9. I would like to know the morons who's starting those fucking house fires. Don't let me get my hands on one of them . There could be people under those houses trapped
  10. I'm watching MSNBC,FOX NEWS & CNN.
  11. Should they have giving them their government check a week early? Because they knew the storm was coming, and that everyone would need to evacuate the city before the hurricane hit.
  12. They first said they would take 20,000, only 3,000 are there. Umma vomit pretty soon 966281[/snapback] I knew laying out those beds was a bed idea. I'm sure the people in New Orleans were willing to sleep in the seats at this point.
  13. FOR WHAT??? Why are little girls tied up? What is going on? 964602[/snapback] looting I guess
  14. Damn they have lil 5 year old girls tied up
  15. The media is trying to scare america by calling this bus A FUCKING RENEGADE BUS. These innocent people just couldn't wait any longer that's all
  16. There are over 10,000 refugees here in Memphis. We are expecting more later this week.
  17. I stated that like 100 pages ago. 962947[/snapback] And actually LSU's Tiger Stadium has more seats than the Superdome. 962953[/snapback] According to John Clayton, Tiger Stadium have yet to meet the requirements of an NFL stadium.The NFL officials will be down there soon to check it out.
  18. Damn them niggas are loaded with guns and shit. I can't defend them now.
  19. The Saints are thinking about playing their games @ LSU. The other options are San Antonio, somewhere in Alabama & Houston
  20. Where is this? 962438[/snapback] Memphis,TN
  21. Some lady and her family are here from New Orleans in a hotel room. All Her shit in her car got stolen the other day. People saw her story on the news. Now all 11 of them can stay at the hotel free of charge. The kids will enroll in school here
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