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  1. Bish, is it even really yo birfday lol? If so, Happy Happy :) .

  2. LMAO...Done! Now you don't look like Single Nigerian Female.

  3. could you delete some of my comments so it doesn't look like i'm obsessed with you? anyhoo, who is that african in your avi? feedback is my jaaaaam!!

  4. That's alright Q, this will make things even sweeter if/when they get knocked out of the playoffs. If that doesn't happen, I might off myself. I certainly won't be able to watch SportsCenter until weeeell into the NBA season. They should be done kisses their ass by then.

  5. Here I Is :) . You ain't a stalker lol. You're just the only one that cares about me :( . I think they're just hating on all this fly African in my blood. You know they think we think we're better than everybody lol.

  6. I read Spoken Soul: The Story of Black English by John and Russell Rickford again. I'm a little bit of a linguistics nerd, so this is right up my alley . I like reading about that kind of stuff. The fact that it covers black English makes it that much more appealing. It's also a easy read for someone who is new to the subject. I found it to be interesting . Right now, I'm splitting time between the new Bill Cosby book and The Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker.
  7. Girl, don't even get me started. You know my hate for Tom Brady and the Patriots run deep. My other teams won, but that one loss is igging me right now. The Colts SHOULD have won. Those late penalties killed em.

  8. Free doesn't like it when you talk bad about him. He can't help having flawless skin.

  9. Oh, and another thing...it's been over a week, and I see you still have the same issue. Don't make me get my belt lol.

  10. Here I is. Rican and I might just hook up to celebrate a BoSox win, but that's about it. I am working on having someone else's bambinos right now lol.

  11. I need to go to the African store and get me some :( . Oh, and what is this nonsense Lioness is tombout with Liberians not being important? :ban:

  12. Girl Please, my teams are competitive, but ain't winning nuthin lol.

  13. Your sun is looking TOO precious in your siggy :) .

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