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  1. *DEEP SIGH* great article BTW ROIDS?! Makes you wonder huh.
  2. QOTW

    I can hardly find any Prince videos on youtube...why is that? And oh yeah...Gators suck!!!!

  3. All those names above are people that want you to send them a pm. You have 24 hours to complete this.


    This message doesn't mean I viewed your profile.

  4. Sometimes it feels like somebody watching yooooooooooouuuuuuuu

  5. Count ya girl in. Are there any rules ? This will be my first time .
  6. Damn I was right! Not only did I lose my computer I lost everything else! 979423[/snapback] It's going to be okay. You're still here, that's all that matters.
  7. :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: As long as they don't lead them to the bottom of the boat and tell them to lay down side by side then they should be okay. Any news on why they halted the evacuations?
  8. Stuff like this is breaking my heart.
  9. My friend just called and said her family that was stranded under an underpass near the Superdome all week just called to say they made it to Baton Rouge. They "found" a truck a temporarily "borrowed" it from the owner who was unaware of this. They then "found" some gas in another vehicle and put it in the newly borrowed truck and pushed it to Baton Rouge with a bunch of their neighbors. They had several people attempt to car jack them along the way, but they made it there safely. Now hopefully they'll find safety in BR. My friend is going to go pick them up tomorrow.
  10. Thank you for posting. I'm about to round up my girls!
  11. They said there is A/C, working bathrooms, and plenty of room at Reunion Arena. There are a few people already staying there, but they plan on accomodating 1000+ people there. They said that if there are LA people that have nowhere to go, can't afford to keep staying in hotels, head to downtown Dallas.
  12. okay why did i think that reunion arena had been demolished... 962280[/snapback] Nope, it's still there. The news will be on shortly so I'll see what kind of help they need down there. On the radio they were saying that they don't want people showing up the clothes and things just yet.
  13. I just heard on the radio that Reunion Arena in Dallas is being opened for people who need a place to go. They're also allowing kids to enter Dallas schools without all the typically neccessary paperwork. I'm going to look into going down there helping soon.
  14. I finally talked to my friend who fled New Orleans. She's safe and sound in Baton Rouge. The area she was building in down there is called English Turn . Are any of you LA natives familiar with that area or subdivision? She said she can't get any info about it.
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