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  1. *glances at your content* I'm a start calling you Mr. Politics. lol

  2. Monday, July 31, 2006 The Rams are interested in New Orleans' Michael Bennett as a No. 2 running back behind Steven Jackson. And Bennett is interested in the Rams. "I really haven't followed (the trade rumors) too much," Bennett told reporters Sunday at the Saints' camp in Jackson, Miss. "I heard ... that St. Louis is right there, and that's a system I'm very familiar with, with Scott Linehan. So that would be a great fit." Linehan was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota during three of Bennett's five seasons there. The Saints signed Bennett, 5-9 and 209, in the offseason. But Bennett appe
  3. he should go ahead and retire.. football is not life..and its would a bitch to not be able to walk again...
  4. I on't know what dem coaches are doing but Lavaar belongs on that field.. he was energizing the defense and he was bringing those damn players closer to christ.. did anyone witness the assing the Redskins put on the niners...
  5. He is looking worse.. he needs to give up the bottle and workout more...at 42, you ain't suppose to look like that.. Isiah, MAgic, shit even Kareem look good for their age.. Mike need to give up da pork(white woman) and cut down on the women...and finally admit he got a gambling problem...
  6. actually the reason why the rule was put into place was to increase scoring... Ty the world don't revolve around you..with Defensive minded teams like the Ravens who was a physical team and went to the superbowl without scoring a touchdown in the month of october..by literally shutting teams down.. the league felt that the physical play from the corner backs were slowing the passing games... also, the rules on hitting a qb got more stringent..this opens the passing game.. 5 yard rule, can't really level the qb, means you have an open passing game.... If you open up the passing game, it gives
  7. Arrington Facing 4th and 'So Long'? Rift Between Redskins and Once-Beloved Linebacker May Be Irreparable By Jason La Canfora Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 16, 2005; E01 He marched from one damp end of the sideline to the other, often standing alone in his unblemished uniform while a frenetic football game unfolded before him. Eventually, the helmet came off, and unused linebacker LaVar Arrington procured a more permanent residence atop a water cooler, draped in a coat as the chilling rain fell from the Rocky Mountain sky. The linebacker tried to remain upbeat last
  8. Knee woes force Knicks’ Houston to retire Two-time All-Star, 12-year veteran played only 20 games last year The Associated Press Updated: 5:15 p.m. ET Oct. 17, 2005 TARRYTOWN, N.Y. - New York Knicks guard Allan Houston retired Monday, unable to recover from knee injuries that kept him out much of the last two seasons. A two-time All-Star and member of the 2000 Olympic team, Houston was one of the NBA’s best outside shooters before he was slowed by chronic knee soreness. He was limited to only 70 games over the last two seasons. “I did everything I possibly could to get back and
  9. Arrington might be the most gifted linebacker to ever play the game.But I think the DC life and him not wanting to live up to his potentiol has destroyed his career.He could have been in the LT mode. 1049554[/snapback] I don't agree.. I think what was killing his career was playing for the damn redskins.. they moved him around.. Snyder change head coaches and defensive coordinators like how you and I change socks.... you have a player like Ray Lewis who played for Marvin Lewis for his career.. thriving in the system and becoming the best in the league... Arrington ain't had the chan
  10. I read this article this morning.. I am wondering why are they benching him.. I mean he is a lil wild and undisciplined but he is still a hell of a linebacker.. besides in his first 4 seasons he had 4 different coordinators that didn't know what to do with him.. whereever he goes, if he remains injury free he will be a beast.. he ain't no Ray Lewis but I would take him on my squad...
  11. damn all that mouth.. all that mouth.. he will never be the player they projected him to be.. but who knows.. he may be able to carry the basket for Maurice...
  12. Classic case of a bird in the hand beating 2 in the bush... 955555[/snapback] :OK!: You agree to no signing bonus but up to 7 million in incentives. Well I guess someone forgot to tell him you need to (1) make the team (2) get on the field (3) gain yardage to even think about sniffing that 7 million. Long shots should be wary of incentive laden contracts 955570[/snapback] :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: Who is this idiot's agent ? 956405[/snapback] master P... remember Ricky Williams had a similiar degree.. as far as Clarrett.. he can alway
  13. I agree.. besides.. running backs are a dime a dozen...they are expendable.. and Priest although nice.. is a bit Gimpy.. shit look at Marshall Faulk.. they replaced him with Stephen Jackson...
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