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  1. i agree with bigsixx!

    ; )

  2. you looked at me so i looked at you


  3. you looked at me so i looked at you


  4. I saw that. I was like lawd Shepard and Geraldo are about to catch a case. These people are on the ground and see what's really going on. How is it that the the news crews have been in NO since day one yet the aid trucks took 5 to get there. Talking about they can't get in. They needed to hop a ride with Anderson Cooper and gotten shit done. This is just further proof to me that these people were left to die. 969642[/snapback] Geraldo and Shepard are so right i dont blame them for speaking out and the black mayor of LA was going off too i heard him this morning and i dont blame him one bit for all that him and every one is saying and THE NEWS ESPECIALLY CNN get EVERY WHERE NO MATTER WHAT
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