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  1. Bish!! Where you at?

  2. Auda

    My bad! My computer is being laid to rest. This is a skool computer. I haven't been on messngers since '92. PM me sometime.

  3. Yeah I missed ya slut!

  4. Im baaack. Miss me ho?

  5. My spring break ends this weekend. I wished my started next week.

  6. not much man. spring break starts today! u know what that means. :ninja:

  7. blu

    Ben's just eye candy, that's why I'on mind him sticking around lol even though he really should've been gone awhile ago. He still seems too prison guard and serious. That's what makes him kinda sessy though. He could get it. *ninja* I like Ronnie but like they said, he looks too boy next door-ish, like he'd be good for gap or abercrombi ads.

  8. Santo

    Ben is hot. *drools* But I don't think he's a good model. Ronnie is iight. I want Holly and Perry as the last two. Ion care bout anyone else. I heard they're already working on a second season. :ninja:

  9. blu

    I don't even think Jackie should've been in the bottom that week. Ben's hot, that's probably why he gets votes. Atleast Holly is still there. she's the baddest now that Jackie is gone. Casey needs to go next.

  10. Santo

    lol she'll get another smash this time. just wait and see. ugh about jackie. I almost stopped watching the show because of that shit. she shits on half those models there. wtf is up with that shit?? That ben/ronnie shit got people voting all wrong. I only give a shit about Perry as of now.

  11. blu

    I hate bad girl. I fucks with Pretty Boy, Damaged, 2 Of U and some other songs I can't remember. Another smash? Shit she aint had one since 2001 lol I just have to watch Ep. 9 today. I was piiissed when Jackie left. Damn America. They probably just votin for cute guys.

  12. *glances at your content* I'm a start calling you Mr. Politics. lol

  13. Santo

    i like bad girl, damaged, strip teased and poetry. *dances* ooh welp at least janet managed to get a #1, again, bitch. hopefully ROCK WIT U is another smash for her. *runs* u finish watching MMAS?

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