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  1. Im baaack. Miss me ho?

  2. not much man. spring break starts today! u know what that means. :ninja:

  3. Santo

    Ben is hot. *drools* But I don't think he's a good model. Ronnie is iight. I want Holly and Perry as the last two. Ion care bout anyone else. I heard they're already working on a second season. :ninja:

  4. Santo

    lol she'll get another smash this time. just wait and see. ugh about jackie. I almost stopped watching the show because of that shit. she shits on half those models there. wtf is up with that shit?? That ben/ronnie shit got people voting all wrong. I only give a shit about Perry as of now.

  5. *glances at your content* I'm a start calling you Mr. Politics. lol

  6. Santo

    i like bad girl, damaged, strip teased and poetry. *dances* ooh welp at least janet managed to get a #1, again, bitch. hopefully ROCK WIT U is another smash for her. *runs* u finish watching MMAS?

  7. Girrra...we need to talk.

  8. Santo

    how u like that new danity kane? i wonder if janet is going to be #1 again this week? buahaha

  9. bitch, u need to hurry up and come back.

  10. you and your damn cats. the one in ur siggy is kinda cute. :ninja:

  11. wadddup LOVE. we have lots to talk about. Theres a new boy. hehehehehee

  12. lol @ the kids in michigan. waddup babez

  13. waddup fellow janet fan. how u enjoying that new #1 album of hers?!

  14. u never came bitch.

  15. let me find out you been playing some MARVEL on the xbox..

  16. Santo

    hey missy. if it wasnt for siyclone i wouldnt know u was still around. no aim, no yahoo no nutting. talk about being M.I.A. shiiit.

  17. ii always behave. :talktohand:

  18. party party party tiiime toniight. u coming riight? :ninja:

  19. How you doing babes?

  20. hows that x360 man? enjoyyin halo 3?

  21. Santo

    *dead* welp at least it went #1 buahahahaha

  22. u hardly post anymore. wtf, did some bish scare u off?

  23. Santo

    waddup mr. enjoying that #1 janet album?

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