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  1. 10 Things to Never Put on Your Resume A resume is not meant to be your life story. You do not have to bare your soul and share every ugly detail of your work history. Your resume is your personal sales brochure whose only purpose is to get you an interview. To help show yourself in the best possible light, carefully choose what you put on and leave off of your resume. You should (almost) never include the following: 1. Dates that reveal you age. Sad to say, but age discrimination is alive and well. Ways to avoid revealing your age include not showing the year you graduated from
  2. WhiteWashing Race: Myth of a Colorblind Society
  3. This book is VERY interesting.... In depth reading on how sexual relations is shaped by race/ethnicity.... It even explain eroticism and the sex traffic in detail
  4. Just finished this last night and I still don't know what I think about it A critical examination of the relationships between various social institutions and the deaths in the Chicago Heat Wave.. I wonder if the same analysis could be applied to Hurricane Katrina and the govt. inepted response to the situation
  5. A very interesting piece on how people hustle to get by in the community. Nothing was surprising. Not even the preachers who confessed to sleeping with the congregation prostitutes to the drug dealers with superiority complexes. Good read
  6. Sad and depressing especially when you read about how most black men participate are polygamous (have engaged in sex with at least 2 partners concurrently) and that most African Americans think they are invincible when it comes to contracting HIV/AIDS and other STDS
  7. :OK!: :OK!: Very interesting.. but I don't know what is more disturbing... A book written about racism from the perspective of a white woman or a white woman writing this book about this subject?
  8. www.npo.net www.hotjobs.com www.chicagojobs.com www.simplyhired.com www.collegegrad.com www.indeed.com And I google companies and visit their websites to see if they have any openings I learn about the companies by searching the resumes in craigslist using keywords and positions... then I look at the company names... And VOILA!!! More times than not, I learn that some company in my area exists and and has/had a specific position. I also check with the various professional associations that specialize in what I would like to do....
  9. Employment Opportunity Hospitality/Client Service Assistant Location: Philadelphia, PA (Downtown) Overview JRA seeks client service assistants to asist clients and respondents during focus groups. Responsibilities These are occasional part time positions that requires excellent organizational and interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently and to multi-task. We are seeking dependable articulate staff who have the ability to work flexible hours. Requirements Demonstrated understanding of client service. The ability to work flexible hours. Conta
  10. Deadline 01/31/2008 Contact Lynn Hazan 55 E. Washington, Suite 715 Chicago, IL 60602 USA Contact Phone 312-863-5401 Contact Fax 312-960-9660 Contact Email lynn@lhazan.com Category Marketing/Advertising Market Research Location: Chicago area, IL, US Deadline 01/31/2008 Title Associate Consultant—Full Time Qualifications/Job Description Healthcare Marketing Consulting Associate Consultant—Full Time Ref. #0504 Are you an alum or soon-to-be graduate in social sciences, business, life sciences or journalism? Are you interested in marketi
  11. one of my co worker was reading it, buy if you dont like it return it Did she like it???? Or did she think it was a waste of words in comprehending sentences.
  12. I was wondering if anyone read this book and is it worth buying????
  13. What are your thoughts on this book? Is it worth buying or am I better of just leaving it alone and checking it out of my local library???
  14. How did I miss this thread!!!!
  15. i hope you have been reading books young lady
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