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  1. Mr. Davis is right, they definitely should be commended for this. It's scary that all these people are in need and there is so little being done to help. In August it'll be three years and things are still not in order.
  2. :OK!: So true. I feel bad for the people who lost everything they own and they still have to deal with this mess. It's a shame.
  3. FEMA to close La. Katrina trailer parks The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS — The Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning to close by Friday as many as 13 trailer parks in Louisiana where victims of the 2005 hurricanes are currently living. The move is intended to help the hurricane victims move into more stable, permanent housing, FEMA said. But advocates are concerned that high rents and a tight housing market in the still-recovering area could leave some struggling to find a place to live. It wasn’t clear how many residents remained in parks slated for closure Friday, though Ronnie Simpson, a FEMA spokesman, estimated there were dozens. Residents were given at least 60 days notice, he said, and FEMA is offering rental assistance to those who qualify. “People act like we’re doing a disservice for moving people from a little trailer to an apartment or a house,” he said Thursday. “I’m not sure that anyone really thought of these trailers as being their permanent home; I hope not. They were meant for temporary housing.” FEMA plans to close all its trailer sites set up specifically for residents affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita within the next six months and end leases within existing commercial trailer parks for other hurricane victims in the state by late 2008. More than 6,400 households will be affected, FEMA says. The areas slated for closure Friday are mostly in the New Orleans area. Lori Potter, one of the last remaining residents at a paved park in eastern New Orleans, said she learned of the closure about two weeks ago, through a call to a maintenance number, not from a flyer, she said. She said the closure time she was given had changed three times during that period. Potter said she’s been looking for housing — she said she’d checked out more than a dozen places Wednesday and had at least two appointments on Thursday — but said the places she’d found, willing to accept the rental assistance, either were in parts of town where she didn’t feel safe or in poor condition. She and her husband, who moved to New Orleans a few months before Katrina hit in August 2005, want to leave their trailer, “but I can’t find a way out,” she said. As she spoke, one of her neighbors was cleaning up a trailer site and preparing to move. Davida Finger, a staff attorney with the Loyola Law Clinic who handles hurricane-related cases, said she was “deeply concerned,” particularly when considering the current housing situation. Katrina severely damaged or destroyed much of the housing stock in New Orleans, and affordable rents have been a big concern for residents and housing advocates as the city continues to recover. U.S. Housing and Urban Development data, analyzed by a local research center, shows an average rent of $764 for an efficiency in the metropolitan area and $990 for a two-bedroom. A two-bedroom rented for $978 a year ago and $676 in the fiscal year that began before Katrina hit, that data showed. New Orleans has been a city of renters, with a homeownership rate of 46.5 percent, far below the statewide average of 67.9 percent, in 2000, according to the U.S. Census. FEMA says people living in trailers are given listings of available rentals in their area, but Finger contends not everyone is able to “beat the pavement” to check out the units and make sure they’re safe. “What’s going on with housing right now continues to be an emergency,” she said. “It continues to be a crisis, and there are no quick solutions, which make these additional announcements so difficult for people now.” Simpson said trailer-park residents won’t be evicted if they need extra time to find an apartment. If an apartment isn’t ready by the time FEMA begins taking a park down, he said the agency would put a family up in a hotel until their new home is ready. FEMA is “striving for closure” by the target dates, “but the most important thing is to have people housed in apartments and rental properties, which is everyone’s goal,” Simpson said. The next wave of closures is scheduled to happen New Year’s Eve. Simpson said FEMA has been working with state and local governments on the closure. The city of New Orleans, he said, knows “exactly what we’re closing and why we’re closing” them. A spokeswoman for Mayor Ray Nagin did not return an e-mail seeking comment Thursday. The plans will not affect families living in trailers in front of their hurricane-damaged homes; at least 25,000 such trailers remain, according to a FEMA estimate. Rental assistance will continue through March 2009 for eligible households, through HUD; however, the level of aid will begin to be reduced beginning March 1, 2008, roughly two-and-a-half years after Katrina. Boyd Joseph, who has been living in a trailer park slated for closure Friday in neighboring St. Bernard Parish, said he’s found an apartment but it won’t be ready until Dec. 15. He said he may have to stay with family or friends until then. “We’ve been through a lot,” he said from his wooden porch. “I ain’t tripping.” He was optimistic. The park in which he’d been staying has been safe and quiet, he said, and his new flat is also in a nice neighborhood. Some of his neighbors had already moved; the soft dirt in several lots next to his trailer maintained the outline of trailers that had already been moved.
  4. Bien, Senora Tia. No deseo trabajar. Deseo ir a casa

  5. I haven't been blogging but I will tonight. Did you see Flavor of Love 3 is coming out??? Doesn't he know by now nobody wants his dusty ass they just wanna be on TV? Sorry for falling asleep on you like a drunk wino, I be tired chile.

  6. Oooh, do not get fired because of my crazy ass. We both can't be unemployed now. Anyhow, I hope you're blogging more! Send me that link again to add to the blog roll. You'll thank me one day when they give your silly ass an Emmy or Pulitzer.

  7. I did not realize you made a topic calling folks negras. Why did I just laugh loud as hell at work. If I'm fired you're responsible LOL.

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