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  1. RIP my sister, GODSPEED!!

  2. you ready fo all this beer belly!

  3. He is truly THE MAN!!! "Put those cotdamn guns down".....Gen. Honore YOU TELL THEM!!! Did you see the NOPD and the State Police looking at him like "who is this man"....BUT THEY PUT THEM DAMN GUNS DOWN THOUGH!!!!
  4. Evacuation bus flips over north of Layfayette, LA!!! It is believed the bus was carrying evacuees from LA to Dallas, TX. Lord please keep them all safe.
  5. What or who is starting these fires? I am watching CNN now and a house is on fire in New Orleans. Please don't tell me that people who survived Katrina and flooding now have to worry about being burned alive in a fire!!!
  6. This is so overwhelming. I am having difficulty sleeping and am having nightmares about this. I have been watching nothing but CNN since Monday. When are they going to evacuate the hospitals!? My God nurses are "bagging" patients in order to help them breathe at Charity hospital. The back-up generators are failing and there are a number of critically ill patients who havent been evacuted yet. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like there. God please help us......this cannot be happening, it just can't. The morgue is totally under water in the basement of the hospit
  7. How long will it take for that ship to get there, 100miles means what 3 days?? People are dying by the minute , and women are being raped I HATE THE USA 965238[/snapback] Almond, I understand the frustration, but right now I am grasping at straws and being thankful for any effort. I am not certain of how fast those ships travel, but I would hope that if my car can travel 65 miles per hour they can at least keep up with me. In any event, I am glad they are coming. A day ago people were asking where are the ships, and I am only saying they are on there way.
  8. I understand what you mean, Sasha but I believe a lot of the anger at this situation is simply because the United States tends to jump to the aid of other countries and seems to care very little about the situation of it's citizens (black or white). The stop & go rescue effort is going to cost alot of lives and then the finger pointing will begin because no one is going to step up to the plate and say "I messed up and I apologize". The first to go in my opinion (right or wrong) will be the head of FEMA. Now as for what am I doing. I am working hard to get groups of volunteers from
  9. A number of colleges/universities have offered to allow displaced to enroll and have extended the deadlines for them. Rutgers U. has opened it's doors to New Jersey residents who attended schools in the effected areas, so has Columbia University in New York.
  10. The Navy Ship USS Bennett (I may have the name wrong) is 100 miles from Gulfport, MS. This ship is loaded with supplies and has two of the largest transportation helicopters on board. The plan is to start airlifting the surviors onto the ship. Thank God...I have been wondering why they aren't airlifting these people out of New Orleans, damn they did it for Vietnam refugees in the 70's. There are other ships on the way...the USS Comfort (hospital ship) is on it's way it left Baltimore, MD late Tuesday.
  11. The goverment is moving far too slow to assist the refugees.....my God it seems so strange to be calling United States citizen "refugees", but that is truly what they are.
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