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  1. :OK!: I was hoping he needed it for his family though
  2. that's not included in a home owner's general insurance? 956623[/snapback] Nope, and that's the mistake that many homeowner's make whenever a major storm is approaching - assume that they have flood insurance. Flood insurance is on a seperate policy issued by the govt. Call your home insurance agency and check it out. I'm really thinking about getting it until this season is over, then cancelling it. I don't want to think of how much it will cost to pump water out and rewire my house, not to mention replacing all that furniture.
  3. I'm thinking about getting flood insurance tonight and keeping it until the hurricaine season is over.
  4. are you talking about from coffins, or people that died as a result of this storm?
  5. Your grandmas insurance issue is really upsetting. I do not know how that agent in good faith could recommend that she cancle that policy considering that the storm was predicted by then. Son of a bitch! I swear I hate people sometimes. They just did not want to have to pay out becasue they knew that there would be many claims the rat bastards! 955793[/snapback] :OK!: I wouldn't be surprised if the company had their agents call on purpose to try and discourage everyone and have them cancel their flood insurance. Being that her grandmother is probably elderly, she should sue.
  6. The footage they're showing on that wdsu.com site is crazy
  7. Most coffins are buried above ground for that reason. But its common to see a coffin come up from the ground. 955040[/snapback] Yep, back home in NC, people were looking outside and had coffins floating by or just sittin in the yard. I'm almost 100% sure that the same body isn't back in its original plot after that.
  8. The chick at my job just found out her family's house is under water because one of the levees that broke was right by her place. Damn
  9. do you know where the two levees that collapsed are?
  10. This girl I work with that's from NO had the audacity to say she's worried about her "things" her family left in the house when they fled to Houston
  11. about 24% of the population of New Orleans lives in poverty. Most of them couldn't afford to evacuate, so they had to seek shelter locally
  12. Report: Roof of Superdome in New Orleans, where thousands evacuated ahead of Hurricane Katrina, is leaking rain. Details soon. http://www.cnn.com/ They said 3 people are dead already
  13. They said they're moving people around, but the roof is weakening
  14. damn, that's crazy. I hope everyone and their families are safe throughout this.
  15. They already told them t be prepared for heat and darkness once the electricy goes. I wouldnt sleep the whole time I was there 951495[/snapback] .......and you don't even want to think about how nasty that bathroom is gonna be in the dark.
  16. It will be hotter than fish grease in there and they'll run the risk of several heat injuries. I hope they have proper medical attention there too. I'm sure somebody is going to forget their heart or blood pressure pills. It happens every time.
  17. Fuck That. Call the police on your grandma and make them take her to the SUPERDOME or Play Maroon 5 live album over the phone, that might scare her enough to leave the house 951347[/snapback] Or play a remix of Teairra Mari saying "Do I have to tell a granny how to get out......." I hope she makes it out ok though.
  18. NO is on a mandatory evacuation, so call the cops and rat her out so they can apprehend her and take her to the dome.
  19. There are already two other low pressure areas that they anticipate being Tropical Depressions soon, and then on to 2 hurricaines.
  20. I can't wait to see this one when I get home
  21. :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!: :OK!:
  22. Snoop's Football Controversy The rapper set up a new youth football league in California and some parents are upset. Friday, August 19, 2005 Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has come under fire from football-loving parents after he left his position as coach of the children's team the Rowland Raiders to set up a rival junior league. The rapper became a "daddy coach" at the Rowland Raiders two years ago, and led them to glory with his eldest son as quarterback. But he recently quit the team to set up his own Snoop Youth Football League, and jilted parents claim he is drawing young players and cheerleaders away from California's Orange County Junior All-American Football Conference with gift giveaways and a flashy league bus. Upset parent Sandy Gonzales says, "I think what (Snoop) did was just so shallow. He came here just so that he could take away what we'd taken many years to establish." However, Snoop insists his actions have only one aim - to give local children the incentive to be constructive with their lives. He says, "It's so easy for a kid to join a gang, to do drugs. We should make it that easy to be involved in football and academics."
  23. DIAMOND BAR, Calif. -- Snoop Dogg's new youth football league is a hot item in Southern California. Two years ago, Snoop began coaching his son's team in the Orange County Junior All-American Football Conference, luring children from other squads with his star power. Players watched game video inside a school bus equipped with DVD players, TV screens and a booming sound system. The rapper and sometime actor also made personal phone calls to draw in top talent, and last year his Rowland Raiders went undefeated en route to a league championship. They also went on to win the "Snooperbowl," held a day before the Super Bowl, and took home custom-made trophies donated by Tiffany & Co. for their effort. Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, is taking things to the next level this year, creating his own Southern California league. He lowered fees for joining a team from $175 or more to $100, which covers the cost of cleats and pads. He also loosened residency requirements. A movie documenting the effort, and titled "Coach Snoop," is reported to be in the works. "It's so easy for a kid to join a gang, to do drugs," Snoop said. "We should make it that easy to be involved in football and academics."
  24. Who does Grandpa think he's going to fight without giving him a heart attack
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