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  1. Clear your box, please.

  2. Oh damn, i just cleared out my pm box, my bad.

  3. Are you ever going to clear out that inbox?

  4. happy birthday sweetie. i hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. LOL. That box is full again. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, b-day buddy. :) :kiss:

  6. How you doing babes?

  7. Congrats on passing the bar!

  8. Damn character limits. Do these bastids know who I am? As I was saying, the customers are lovin' the new entertainment.

  9. Yeah, I'm still alive, punk. And apparently, u are too. Your successful endeavors of survival never cease to amaze me...with your personality, I'm shocked u've made it to your 20's still in tact...you're an inspiration...keep grindin'! Don't worry about Christina...I hired her over at FL. She dips it low during the sometimes monotonous foot-sizing process...the cust

  10. You loser! I didn't even know you were still alive. You've fallen back on sharing your smart assness. Not that it was missed or anything. Find Christina a job yet?

  11. Wheat what? Eww. Can we settle on Thai? Or at least catfish and a mixed tea?

  12. Mycool, when are you coming back to the N-Y to have a glass of wheatgrass juice and baked salmon with me?

  13. I haven't been blogging but I will tonight. Did you see Flavor of Love 3 is coming out??? Doesn't he know by now nobody wants his dusty ass they just wanna be on TV? Sorry for falling asleep on you like a drunk wino, I be tired chile.

  14. Oooh, do not get fired because of my crazy ass. We both can't be unemployed now. Anyhow, I hope you're blogging more! Send me that link again to add to the blog roll. You'll thank me one day when they give your silly ass an Emmy or Pulitzer.

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