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  1. CALI, Welcome back! I think, lol!

  2. *crickets* Po msdavis is the one to know that don't nobody care about Ty but her.
  3. He came to Cali and got all up in Cali....What is there to say... He got sent home from the game.....Cali Diamond because I'm Worth it.
  4. I thought this was gonna be about practicing giving interviews so you won't spli tverb tenses or talk so country in interviews you look like a fool. As Ty Law says, "It all falled into place"
  5. Well I sho gave Priest the boot and started Shawn Alexander
  6. I sho hope WOodchuck Pepperoni doesn't do too much damage to Brett Farve this week. I am liking Brett Farve this week. He has performed well enough to let me beat Larshy!
  7. I am having a conflict of interest this week. I want Tampa to win, but Brett Farve is my fantasy QB so Simeon betta not Sack him.
  8. I want Simeon to do well but his Black ass betta not sack Brett Farve and mess me up in Fantasy Football.
  9. As a groupie, the first rule should be: DO NO HARM
  10. :winner: @ h im for speaking out
  11. When are the "WE ARE STILL THE AINTS" Shirts coming out? I'll buy one of those
  12. I know it's mean but I think people need to stop trying to make New Orleans into this mythical great team. They stink.
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