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  1. He plays for the home team. What else do you wanna know?
  2. The Dynasty was dismantled this offseason Freakin. They are not the contenders they were 2 yrs ago...
  3. All I gotta say is that this is some twilight zone shit. Be careful what you wish for. The Lord has delivered my man to me but... the paper says he brought his bitch and his momma with him to help look for a house!
  4. FR, it's over my friend. ya'll had a good run the past 3-4 years, but the dynasty is no more. Hell, ya'll better hope deion and Corey Dillion stay happy, Tom stays focused and that Rodney is able to play at 100% next year. I know he won't make training camp, but they said he may be able to play in 6 months.
  5. Stet. A suspension of the prosecution with the State given the opportunity to reopen the case without the need for the defendant to be recharged. The majority of stets result in no further prosecution. However, a significant number are reopened because of the defendant’s arrest on additional charges or his failure to live up to some agreed-to-condition within a reasonable time after the entry of the stet.
  6. Not gonna happen. Ty is greedy and Bill is stubborn. Plus the dynasty was dismantled this offseason. Willie Mac is in Cleveland with Crennel, so is Andruzzi, Vinetari is in Indiana, Rodney Harrison is still rehabbing from that ankle injury, so the squad ai't the same. To make matters worse, they the Chiefs reject drunk as inconsistent CB, Eric Warfield. I don't think they'll even make the playoffs regardless if Ty re-signs or not...
  7. What better way to get by foot lodged off in your ass... 1672213[/snapback] It's nice to "see" you too Ms. Davis. Apparently, all is well with you. lol 1672221[/snapback] Where's Freakin Rican's Patriot loving ass? The sports writers keep saying that Ty might re-sign with them, but I don't think they need him that bad and plus he burned some bridges with Belichick big time. Although he might think it's water under the bridge. Belichick prolly still salty for Ty calling him a liar to the media. if Bill wanted him back bad enough the deal would have been done
  8. What better way to get by foot lodged off in your ass...
  9. You bastard! Months have passed and you still hating. What more does he have to prove to you? There are plenty of teams that want to sign Ty, it's just that he is taking his time and shopping around to see which team will pay the most money and have the greatest chance at winning the superbowl. So… Ty Law’s Still Available… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brad Keller CardinalInsider.com Jun 23, 2006 There has been an ongoing saga with Ty Law and his continued availability this off-season. And, in case you were trapped in a c
  10. Ty got 10 INTs this season making it a career high for him!!! I hope he rejoins the Pats next season. I saw him hugging Bob Kraft on TV before the game. Hopefully they can work something out and re-sign him, if not, there's always KC. Since Dick Vermiel is retiring, Ty can come with here with Herm when the Jets give Herm his walking papers. I'm so proud of my Tizzy, I knew he would come back strong even when everybody else doubted him..
  11. My baby caught his 8th INT yesterday. And to think NY fans and media was talking shit about he didn't deserve to go to the Pro bowl...
  12. Beaver Boy made it, so you can stop hating now...
  13. Hopefully back to the Pats Mr. Milian. That's where his heart is and always will be but if not, then he'll go to the Dolphins because it's near his home in Plantation. Btw wifey look lovely in your siggy.
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