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  1. :OK!: No place like it!!! thought i'd come in and join the party too. does northshore count?
  2. That's why I refuse to pay $900 for a one bedroom that looks like it's in the projects! I love New Orleans but I can't really afford to live here like I want to. I made a promise to my parents once they rebuild their home I'll stay to help out after that I'm gone.
  3. sorry, but the location of your parents home does not compare to a devastated city. no offense, in regards to scale and umm...importance, there's no comparison. Let me break this down for you dummy, Google Maps are outdated, there not current. I hope you dont think its Real Time, Your not going to be able to stand outside, then see your ass in your front yard. The Satellite images are atleast 3 years old for my area, as i was trying to point out to you. Hence, New Orleans being pre Katrina, quite frankly who cares? havent we seen enough on television already? Yeah we know yo
  4. I'm back! I see progress but there are still some parts that need MAJOR progress. I haven't been in the 9th ward in about 9 months but I do know someone who's back in their home. It's still a process and it's hard to go to parts of the city thinking you're going to see an old friend out in front their house hanging out but all you see are abandoned gutted out homes! As far as businesses we have the old ones that never came back but we have the new ones that are coming in! I see a progress in some parts and still nothing happening in other parts of the city so..... My old neigh
  5. HELL NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My parents just received a check from the law firm that sued Louisiana Citizens Insurance. Almost not all the people who were insured by Louisiana Citizens did not receive and type of reward. They claim my dad NEVER paid on his flood insurance and he has been since he first bought their house in 1978!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't talk about FEMA! We just received our appointment to have our first interview for the Road Home Grant next year in January! It's a long road to this rebuilding process a very long road!
  6. Damn it is a bitch looking for a place to stay! Everywhere is filled!!!!!
  7. Damn I was right! Not only did I lose my computer I lost everything else!
  8. Thanks y'all Ok I'm leaving for good now. We're headed towards Memphis by my cousin's. We're gonna stay with them. Lawd help us!!!!
  9. My family and I are about to leave this place in a few and I just wanted everyone to pray for us and others. We don't even know where we're going!!!! Every where is booked! We may not have a city when we get back. The mayor made it mandatory that we leave! Smallfranc I hope y'all leave this time! I'm so scared. I hope I get to talk to y'all on this computer again!
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