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  1. That book was really good i just finished reading that one 2 weeks ago....Just finished reading "The Cove" by Catherine Coulter. I love the FBI thriller series by Catherine Coulter! I just finished reading the 6th Target by James Patterson.
  2. Just read Double Cross by James Patterson.
  3. I just finished reading these 3 books by James Patterson: Jack and Jill The Big Bad Wolf Three Blind Mice
  4. James Paterson is the man. All Mary Higgins Clark books seem the same to me.
  5. I just finished reading the Dragon series by Christopher Paulinie. Yeah, I know I'm a dork.
  6. I find myself reading allllllll kinds of books. These old ladies where I work bring me books that they have already read, and I try to at least give them a chance before I donate them to the used store.
  7. I read that, it was alright, but The Jester by James Patterson was better
  8. If it's a good one, I keep it, to reread later. If it's not a good read, I donate them to a consignment store.
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