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  1. Hey, I can finally catch up on my comics now. What do you recommend?

  2. pssssst....is it too late to join the Pats bandwagon? :ninja:

    SIIIIIIIIIKE!!!! I will hate until the very end!!!!

  3. Damn character limits. Do these bastids know who I am? As I was saying, the customers are lovin' the new entertainment.

  4. Yeah, I'm still alive, punk. And apparently, u are too. Your successful endeavors of survival never cease to amaze me...with your personality, I'm shocked u've made it to your 20's still in tact...you're an inspiration...keep grindin'! Don't worry about Christina...I hired her over at FL. She dips it low during the sometimes monotonous foot-sizing process...the cust

  5. How'd I miss this? I don't check my comments enough. But uh, yeah...we all know what the outcome was now. Will u finally yield to the greatness of the Pats and Red Sox, or will u remain a pesky nay-sayer? Get on the bagwagon before we run over ya ass, woman! P.S. - Peep the sig.

  6. You loser! I didn't even know you were still alive. You've fallen back on sharing your smart assness. Not that it was missed or anything. Find Christina a job yet?

  7. don't get cocky man. it's only game two and anything can still happen.

  8. ...5 years later. Thank you for the kind words. I feel compelled to return the gesture...but I can't really think of anything nice to say. Oh, wait. It was nice of you to marry the girl u knocked up, heh. I keed.

  9. A funny, sharp, latino Christina Milian stan. Beantown stay down!

  10. Introducing them to the Pats would be like introducing them to drugs and alcohol. What kinda unfit, mean-spirited parent are you?! Next you'll be showing them how to make shanks and smack hoes.

  11. Our babies are gonna be mad cute. They're gonna be crazy Colts fans too lol.

  12. ::clutches his championship t-shirt, covers his ears and rocks back and forth::
  13. ::tosses his law jersey back in the rag bin::
  14. Patriots | Law offer not enough so far Sun, 25 Jun 2006 07:06:23 -0700 Michael Felger, of the Boston Herald, reports the New England Patriots remain "hopeful" of coming to terms with free agent CB Ty Law (Jets) on a new contract. However, word from the Law side is that the Pats' initial offerings were lacking financially. Pats not making the playoffs?! U need to go take that somewhere else msdavis...and here I thought me and u had a good thing goin'.
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