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  1. I'm so glad you and your family are okay! i can't believe how people can be so evil at a time like this... 962277[/snapback] thanks.....its a very sad time right now. there are no street lights, no traffic lights. the city is pitch black dark at night. they have given us a curfew. no one can be out drivin past 9pm. if youre caught, cops gonna pull you over. its hell right now. we're goin grocery shoppin later. i know of only 1 grocery store nearby thats open. the rest have no power.
  2. we JUST got our power back on in our house. i feel so bad for the people who have lost their lives, homes, etc. this has been terrible. my grandma was the only one with power, so we all have been stayin with her. all of the schools are closed until next tuesday. my school is being used as shelter. the gas stations are packed with people trying to get gas. I waited yesterday for 30 minutes tryna fill up my car. when i got to the pump, all of the regular and plus gas was gone. most of the gas stations have run out of gas, so the few that does have gas now are all packed. it has gotten so bad
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