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  1. you ready fo all this beer belly!

  2. smack it up, flip it, rub it down oh noooooooo

  3. i aint got shit else to do..

  4. how am i supposed to know how thie "mysiyclone" shit works. good morning dev.

  5. i didnt recieve a pm, im or nuffin, this is bullshiut,like my teams kicker in overtime last year....bullshit
  6. Duke we aint politically correct in this league. Crim I don't know if you saw this in th rules or not but for the womens a picture in Bra and panties are needed, guys, we'll take your word for it. 856898[/snapback] okay, and i concur what i agreed too?
  7. i have add, so i dont know if i would be dedicated enough to join at the moment what is this about again?
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