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  1. people are always telling you to clean out your box....you need some Summer's Eve for xmas?

  2. sorry, but the location of your parents home does not compare to a devastated city. no offense, in regards to scale and umm...importance, there's no comparison.
  3. House panel: Why did Google 'airbrush history?' POSTED: 9:39 a.m. EDT, March 31, 2007 NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AP) -- Google's replacement of post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery on its map portal with images of the region before the storm does a "great injustice" to the storm's victims, a congressional subcommittee said. The House Committee on Science and Technology's subcommittee on investigations and oversight on Friday asked Google Inc. Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt to explain why his company is using the outdated imagery. The subcommittee cited an Associated Press r
  4. i don't think dental records would help a lot of people in this particular case because of prior access to healthcare issues. and to my knowledge a few people have received funds to rebuild, but not some overwhelming majority...just certain areas. and the only refunds i've heard about were from people who either defrauded the system or the government somehow sent funds to them multiple times.
  5. ok, so fema is trying to give evacuees options in terms of living location. so they are proposing placing families in military bases and state parks.....they couldn't come up with anything better than that?
  6. as of yet, there hasn't been any report of the US accepting foreign aid.
  7. Pertinent Information For Hurricane Katrina Survivors Housing Information Some local apartment complexes are waiving application and deposit fees and providing one month free electricity and rent with no requirements for hurricane survivors to stay after that time. Please contact any of the following apartment complexes to inquire about what they are specifically providing at this time. Brookbend Apartments (SW Houston) 12265 Fondren Houston, TX 77035 713-729-4036 Braeswood Oaks (SW Houston) 10555 Fondren Houston, TX 77096 713-772-8650 Canterbury Court (NW Houst
  8. what kind of shit is that?....if they aren't running up to the camera and no one is giving an eyewitness account, how the hell do you know?
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