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  1. Part of the problem with those levees is that the federal government moved millions of dollars set aside for fixing the levees and gave it to the war in Iraq. The city officials really didn't have anything to do with the levee because its federal property. The Army Core Of Engineers were supposed to make the levees stronger but they never bothered to redo them because the war in Iraq was top priority. Office of Homeland Security is supposed to protect homeland but it looks like to me the homeland is what is suffering. 963884[/snapback] >>
  2. .....wow. cnn has been putting a lot of focus on babies this morning. the lady who swam out of the flood waters and then had her baby was an incredible piece. strength personified. i just hope she finds her older son.
  3. i know one thing...a lot of politicians are gonna have to answer a lot of questions. in regards to why the city wasn't better prepared since they'd been warned for decades that something like this could very well happen. and not to mention over the past few years the current administration(and probably past ones too) cut disaster research funding to the Gulf states, thus causing a hiring freeze in some cases.
  4. i am sorry but $100,000 aint enough. i know he got more than that. that's td jakes. 962049[/snapback] Well he did say that he had trucks of supplies outside of the city waiting to get in the city and he also talked about other things he was doing to help the victims. I think something is better than nothing and it's a relief to see people stepping up to the plate. I am sure that's just the beginning of his contributions. TD Jakes has always been a very generous man when it comes to stuff like this. 962096[/snapback] i dont understand if they are evacuatting the c
  6. my uncle was one. praise God. 961846[/snapback] he made it...that's great
  7. HISD allows evacuee students to attend classes here ABC13 Eyewitness News (8/31/05 - HOUSTON) — HISD is stepping up to the plate in many ways to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The storm's youngest victims are being allowed to attend school here in Houston until they can return home. HISD administrators are also helping New Orleans school officials with any help they need to get students back in class. HISD teachers and administrators are opening up their wallets, as well. "We have 30,000 employees. We've started a fund raising drive to raise money to give to the Red Cross
  8. a lot of people are being rescued out of east new orleans right now...some of them have been on their roofs since monday. a lil good news.
  9. live feed http://www.wwltv.com/perl/common/video/wmP...&props=livenoad
  10. that bitch has been on vacation for over a month now, that shit should have been cut short weeks ago
  11. I saw on the news that they are opening the Astrodome up. At least there will be airconditioning and working restrooms. 960782[/snapback] i know..it seems like all the even that will be going on in NO are going to heppen in Houston like the Saints and Hornets games and the Bayou Classic... my sis told me that the Saints are here right now 960790[/snapback] Great I'm a Saint and Hornet fan I welcome them with open arms! I love people from Lousiana they will give you the shirt off of their back and since most people in Houston are from Louisiana its like having family com
  12. just heartbreaking...i understand her struggle, i understand where the police officers are coming from. but that truck driver needs his ass stomped.
  13. I saw his story last night and the reporter asked him his wife's name and he told her and she was like. Maybe I can help, we can find her and he said, she's gone. She gone. It looked to me like the reporter was crying too. He said his house just split apart and washed her away and he tried to hold her the best he can. My heart is broken by all this tragedy. I wonder if those foreign countries that America helped during the Tsuami going to help America this time around. 960543[/snapback] Venezuala is offering oil and aid....some European nations have expressed interest
  14. yeah his story is SAD .. some folks on here found it funny though 960524[/snapback] who...who found that funny?
  15. i clearly remember filling up at that gas station in feb. once that kind of water comes in contact with your skin, you need a diluted chlorine or bleach solution to get it off. i hope all those looting fools grabbed some clorox along with the beer they were stealing...they're gonna need it to survive.
  16. this morning texas children's hospital in houston just sent 6 life flight helicopters to the area to pick up sick kids and adults from the hospitals. hopefully that lil one will be among the many they bring here. they're gonna be flying back and forth all day.
  17. Where? 960057[/snapback] CRIMSON I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ON THE NEWS CHEESING AND SMILING WITH YOUR CUSTOM MADE I SURVIVED KATRINA T-SHIRT ON. 960063[/snapback] Txgyrl made me go get free Subway today already 960065[/snapback] FIBBER...i didn't make you go
  18. houston is really stepping up...on 13, today a few local business donated more than $20k to relief efforts on the air...astros and comets are giving people tickets to the upcoming games to help ease the mental stress. two of the organizations sent out mass emails asking for food and clothing donations. the show of support from the city is absolutely awesome.
  19. there are black folks...and then there are niggas
  20. because most people outside of louisiana, mississippi and alabama dont care about the storm. 955539[/snapback] Someone called one of the radio stations here in DC complaining about the stations coverage of the hurricane. The ass clown was saying that the radio station should be talking about what's going on here in this area and not about something that doesn't affect us. 959053[/snapback] when those gas prices start going up 10...20...30 cents. when the remnants of katrina reach the area, and God forbid spawn a tornado and flash flood advisory, then that fool wil
  21. ..a marching band? i need to get home and turn on cnn, huh?
  22. They're giving out coupons in Texas or nationwide? 958887[/snapback] I don't know about nation wide. But I went to the one in Houston because Txgyrl told me to do so because they were feeing people with LA id. The lady said yesterday they had meals for peoploe but today they just have the subway passes. I didn't really mean to go get it but Tx told me to and I'm hungry. * bites into cheeto * 958902[/snapback] for your soul and @ the same time.
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