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  1. :OK!: it's something you don't wanna be stuck in. i remember hurricane alicia like it was yesterday and i was only 3yrs old.
  2. canal street some fools seeking shelter in the french quarter lancombe, la lake ponchartrain
  3. live streaming video http://www.wdsu.com/video/4907831/detail.html
  4. CNN on TV 954853[/snapback] thanks
  5. where are you all getting this info from?
  6. Camille and Betsy But he forgot about Andrew 954834[/snapback] girl, he was young and ig'nant....you should have heard the way he was saying it though. that's what had me dying..."ya hearrrd me, all dem bad hurricanes be them females." i was waitin for him to say beeeby.
  7. and @ ole boy on the news this morning talking about all the bad hurricanes are females...
  8. We may need a new Louisianna 954510[/snapback] i dont know why that made me laugh..
  9. Where the fuck is I-20? 951055[/snapback] Yea the NO mayor said I-10, but I was listening to BREAK BREAD and made a mistake and posted I-20 951065[/snapback] thanks for thinking about us chris...the whole gulf coast is gonna need a lot of support after this.
  10. Dumb ass! Who the fuck gonna be in New Orleans right now posting on a message board. New Orleans is in the state of mandatory opertaion get the fuck out. 951014[/snapback]
  11. 950777[/snapback] Spoken like a true holy roller, bible thumpin', fanatical and ignorant country bumpkin' church lady, huh? 950785[/snapback] you couldn't be further from the truth
  12. Katrina Heads for Louisiana at 160 Mph By MARY FOSTER, Associated Press Writer 2 minutes ago NEW ORLEANS - Hurricane Katrina strengthened to a dangerous Category 5 storm on Sunday with 160 mph sustained wind as residents of south Louisiana jammed freeways in a rush to get out of the low-lying region and head inland to higher ground. A hurricane warning was in effect for the north-central Gulf Coast from Morgan City, La., to the Alabama-Florida, meaning hurricane conditions were expected within 24 hours, the National Hurricane Center said. Tropical storm warnings extended east to I
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