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  1. Sending prayers up!

  2. Blues, haven't seen your font in FOREVER. Just checking in with you. Hope you are doing okay. :)

  3. Add me to the list, LOL! I had no idea who you were. :)

  4. CALI, Welcome back! I think, lol!

  5. You guys are right! Soy formula would be the best also. My baby couldn't take regular formula, she was on soy, I could imagine some of the weakened babies! Plenty of onesies and socks too........and Childrens tylenol is a staple in my house!
  6. Crimson, thanks.......I'm going shopping this weekend for the victims.
  7. Did yall hear about the one woman who had a baby this week at the Covention center with NO MEDICAL ATTENTION.............and the baby didn't make it!
  8. Ms. Mag hasn't been on since that day she said bye.........I feel very sorry for her, I know she probably had ALOT of family there.........and her house and posessions.......
  9. I think I heard that. Were they Australian Tourists? 968304[/snapback] Not sure, they may have had some.......but she's from or atleast in Maryland today......
  10. 'cause she just got off the phone w/ CNN, calling from Maryland about 30 minutes ago! Make no mistake, I"m glad she was rescued, but damn, she was in the Ritz Carlton........get folks outta the flooded houses first..........she said that SEVERAL helicopters showed up "buzzing around like bees"..........I'm sure she wasn't up to her neck in toxic water like this elderly Black woman they just pulled out of her home.....She called in to thank them for giving her the airtime yesterday....
  11. OKAY, JUST AN OBSERVATION..........A WHITE WOMAN AND A GROUP OF FOLKS WERE STRANDED AT THE RITZ CARLTON....SHE GOT ON THE PHONE ON CNN YESTERDAY....same day, SEVERAL helicopters showed up....and they were evacuated and she is in Maryland TODAY................CNN has been covering folks that have been stranded at the Superdome since Monday as well as the Convention Center and other places.......and THEY are still there....
  12. You're right about that because they JUST pulled an elderly woman out of her house..........alive! There are still folks living and stranded throughout the city......
  13. Its a motherfucking conspiracy! 968201[/snapback] :OK!: This deserves it's own thread! MY God, EVERYONE who is doing these things, such as these delays, needs to be held accountable! THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES ON FIRE RIGHT NOW IN NEW ORLEANS!
  14. Alright fellow SEC school! 966564[/snapback] I'm here now, I about to go around and see what folks are doing for Katrina victims.....I also going to call my girl who has her masters in social work and is heavy into volunteerism to see what she's doing...........
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