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  1. All them 5s need to listen when a 10 is talking!

  2. I woke up like this!

  3. they aint mine. :o)

  4. just peeking trynna find a link to your clothes lol

  5. I saw you on my profile the other day girl. LOL What you wanted!!!?

  6. I saw you on my profile! LOL

  7. Ha! You want the curves and I want the abs!

  8. Thx Crim. Now only ifI could have your curves I would be complete.

  9. Amma your stomach is amazing!!! Looking good girl!!

  10. I love the shoes in your avatar! I loved them from the first time I saw them! :wub:

  11. damn crim..you are simply marvelous..

  12. You look great Crim!

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