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  1. All them 5s need to listen when a 10 is talking!

  2. I woke up like this!

  3. I saw you on my profile the other day girl. LOL What you wanted!!!?

  4. I saw you on my profile! LOL

  5. Ha! You want the curves and I want the abs!

  6. Amma your stomach is amazing!!! Looking good girl!!

  7. Sasha handed me today's competition.
  8. I already know that I am going to lose to Scott.
  9. Crimson

    Week 4

    The Texans offense is trying to be about something
  10. I'm in Baton Rouge right now. If the storm turns I'll be fleeing again.
  11. When are the "WE ARE STILL THE AINTS" Shirts coming out? I'll buy one of those 1009717[/snapback] Bitch we about to have beef. If you aren't from Louisiana or Mississippi then you are not allowed to say the AINTS. You wanna be a bad bitch? Try your luck!
  12. I really enjoyed that commercial. It gave me warm fuzzies. Got me thinking about buying some Saints gear. They did say ONE HUNDRED percent of the profit would go towards hurricane relief efforts, right? 1009536[/snapback] Sure did!
  13. At the Be A Saint commercial with all the New York Giants in the Saints Jerseys!
  14. That boy you want to be ya man stink.
  16. I bet McNabb's breath stinks.
  17. You're right 993739[/snapback] 993743[/snapback]
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