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  1. Mr. Davis is right, they definitely should be commended for this. It's scary that all these people are in need and there is so little being done to help. In August it'll be three years and things are still not in order.
  2. :OK!: So true. I feel bad for the people who lost everything they own and they still have to deal with this mess. It's a shame.
  3. FEMA to close La. Katrina trailer parks The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS — The Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning to close by Friday as many as 13 trailer parks in Louisiana where victims of the 2005 hurricanes are currently living. The move is intended to help the hurricane victims move into more stable, permanent housing, FEMA said. But advocates are concerned that high rents and a tight housing market in the still-recovering area could leave some struggling to find a place to live. It wasn’t clear how many residents remained in par
  4. Bien, Senora Tia. No deseo trabajar. Deseo ir a casa

  5. I haven't been blogging but I will tonight. Did you see Flavor of Love 3 is coming out??? Doesn't he know by now nobody wants his dusty ass they just wanna be on TV? Sorry for falling asleep on you like a drunk wino, I be tired chile.

  6. Oooh, do not get fired because of my crazy ass. We both can't be unemployed now. Anyhow, I hope you're blogging more! Send me that link again to add to the blog roll. You'll thank me one day when they give your silly ass an Emmy or Pulitzer.

  7. I did not realize you made a topic calling folks negras. Why did I just laugh loud as hell at work. If I'm fired you're responsible LOL.

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