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  1. i need some music!!!!!!!!! please.

  2. bitch, u need to hurry up and come back.

  3. Girl i see you've been lurking in my profile, i guess you want an autograph, well get in line...

  4. you nosy motherfucker :)

  5. Myke im so mad u have FEMALE as ur sex status.. bwhahahahaha

  6. Your profile needs a warning. I wasn't expecting to see nobody giving head lmao.

  7. you sexy bitch.. Umm can you please return my got damn bebe shoes bitch!

  8. i came to show some luv since we go waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back...

  9. My message board sister from another mother....

  10. I'm your first visitor.... YEAH...

  11. you looked at me so i looked at you


  12. Myke is tha baddest bitch!

  13. Gosh i've been a big fan of yours for years now Myke, i wanna be just like you when i grow up..

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